Manual The Boy Who Loved To Urinate: A Short Story

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Religions are dragged through time. A pet dog catches a rabbit, hears his name called, turns around, loses the rabbit. The buildings get straighter, sturdier, simpler, shinier. Every famous person born finds the time to die.

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Scientists are still trying to make pain less painful. Wake to half thoughts and a dirty mouth. Remember your first name and last. Toothpaste on the toothbrush. The day cut into hours. Stream your pee onto water. Remember the fields of trees, the wayward grass? We couldn't help crowd everything with squares. I was pleasantly surprised to try again last month and discover that this collection is actually pretty strong.

Nothing new there. Very predictable and yawn-inducing. One of the questions he apparently asked him involved the logistics of a man swallowing a whole cat. Despite not finishing this book in the month of February, I still read a good chunk of it and finished it the following month. Was it exhausting?


You bet. Would I recommend it? No, probably not. They buy those bootleg T-shirts advertised on Facebook that feature Pennywise fan art. They walk around hunched over, grinning at storm drains.

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There it goes. I am officially vomiting. I hope you are pleased with yourselves. Reading all of those collections so close together also made me realize a few important details about King, too. About his writing, yes, but also about who he is as a person. For instance:. He is absolutely disgusted by people who are overweight. After the guy was dead and the smell of his burning flesh was off the air, we all went back down to the beach. I was her teddy bear. She was getting fat, and if she lived long enough, which wasn't likely, she would get really flabby.

She was already mouthy. But the story certainly got me thinking about King and his other work, and I realized that almost any time King wants to make a character seem repulsive to the reader, he makes them overweight. Does King actually hate fat people? I doubt it. But he certainly likes to fall back on them when in desperate need to make his audience instantly dislike a character.

Have you ever been afraid?

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Truly terrified? It seems likely the answer is yes. Now, think back, when you were terrified, did you immediately piss your pants? I wait for these peeing sessions now with great anticipation. I love them. Billings stood rooted to the spot as the closet door swung open.

The Boy Who Loved To Urinate: A Short Story

He dimly felt warmth at his crotch as he wet himself. I understand why he so often describes his characters pissing themselves, sure.

Is it realistic? Probably not. Like, really loves it. Stephen King once wrote a story about a man trapped on an island who ate pieces of his own body to survive. This guy once wrote a story about a serial killer that turned out to be a fucking laundry press machine. Not everything King writes makes a lot of sense, but you know what? The wackier King gets with his plots, the more fun I have reading them. Holy shit. King used to be terrified of technology, but these days his focus seems to point mostly to the natural progression of life.


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The sad truth is, King will not live forever. For many readers of horror, King served as their gateway drug into the genre. He continues pounding out quality fiction to this day, despite what some people might claim. While reading his short fiction bibliography last February, I remembered why I loved him so much in the first place.

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  5. So I made an insane, spontaneous decision and started a podcast dedicated to discussing his work. The podcast is called Castle Rock Radio , and it is the consequence of reading too many short stories in one month and briefly losing my mind. He lives in Texas. To leave a comment Login with Facebook or create a free account.

    I found myself neck deep in weird King fandom world a few months ago when I listened to It narrated by Steven Weber. It's nearly forty-five hours, and I was completely lost when it ended. It took about a week to recover from the post-book depression. I kept telling myself, "I really need to take a break after this one," but then I'd start another. I started reading interviews and watching interviews, and yes, he sort of became an imaginary friend. Toggle navigation Home. Contact Copyright Privacy.

    Of course kids would like a story about pee. I Have To Go got made into a book very quickly. One week after I had made it up I told it at my publishers.