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Laser-etched portraits, and the stones they require to look best, have changed all that. The lasering process works optimally on black granites because memorialists can achieve a higher contrast than with other granites. So, the stone market went truly global. While the causality isn't exactly clear, new Asian granite producers started exporting black granite at just about the time laser etching made the stone more desirable. The raw material and the technology grew up together.

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Stone imports from all over began to boom in the early s, according to the United States Geological Survey. The monument industry uses something like 40 percent of the granite that comes into the country, depending on the year.

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At the same time, Italy and Canada, which had been this country's big granite suppliers, saw fierce competition spring up from Brazil now our leading granite supplier , China, and India. That housing boom? New cheap Asian supplies of granite are one reason so many McMansions came with granite countertops.

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At one point, we started to count how many people from India from there. Then we started to count how many people were from India and China. Now it's down to two people. Not that the monument makers are upset about all that.

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They welcome the cheaper raw materials and the ability that gives them to offer their customers more ornate stones for a lower price. That's the only way they can compete with cremation's low prices. There is something funny about black granite, though. Every granite is a little different. Granites are igneous rocks formed from a mix of minerals--silica, alumina, feldspar, quartz, among others--found in magma. The particular mineral mix endows the stone with its particular color. Real granite comes in many different colors, from green and pink to gray and not-quite-black.

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At Washington Cemetery, though, the newest headstones are black-black. They, in fact, are defined by their lack of other colors. All are sold as black granite. But black granite is not actually granite. Take this collection of dozens of black stones for sale : almost none are actually granites. They are dolerites and gabbros and diorites and hornblende-amphibolites and basalts.

These are all great rocks, but their names lack the patina that's grown on the word granite. In other words, "black granite" is the Chilean sea bass of the stone world.

The dolerites of Karnakata, for example, are found in large dykes that cut through the Dharwar craton, a massive geological formation that's one of the five pieces that makes up the Indian subcontinent. A geologist could spend a lifetime proposing theories about how exactly "Zoom Black" was formed in its geological home miles outside Bangalore on the former Hulkunda Coffee Estate. Or, if you're a monument dealer, you could simply buy it under its tradename and have it cut and polished and shipped to you in New Jersey.

Then, you could take a photograph of someone, perhaps Ilyusha Eisentat, and engrave it onto the stone along with the dates Nov.


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Eisenstat's monument stands just inside the fence of Washington Cemetery and at the end of a long cultural, logistical, and technological movement. From his portrait, he had a high forehead and a curiously dashing little mustache. His family chose to add a star of David, an inscription with Cyrillic lettering, and a birch tree. I don't know if people started wanting portraits, so monument makers started buying lasers, or monument makers started buying lasers and pushed people to buy gravestones with portraits. The funeral parlor owners and monument makers in Brooklyn's Russian community didn't seem to find anything special about the laser-etched gravestones, if they were willing to talk about them at all.

And in any case, why a new thing in the world catches on with a particular group is almost universally difficult to pin down. A historical novel they say is a wonderful way to learn history. This story is fiction, but the historical setting is Korea ; an unmodified Fletcher class destroyer just out of mothballs; and plenty of action and romance. The author Dan Keough knows his s facts; knows his destroyers, and certainly operations inside a destroyer's CIC.

Ship's company is essentially reservists, many recalled with World War II experience. Given the antiquated condition of the ship, no one thought the ship would be sent to Korea and Task Force 77 let alone TF 95 — but go they did. There are steps leading up the the area with the blank tombstones. Inside the Mansion, the familiar hitchhiking ghosts towards the end of the ride used to be animatronics waving their arms and statues of them seemingly inside your doom buggy with you.

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  4. The discovery of a headstone for two sisters who died in 1860 prompted an online quest.
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Now those have been replaced by projections. They said they put the projections up while they work on this area instead of closing the ride. No word if they will return as they once were or in an enhanced version. Any word on when these enhancements will be complete?