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Sure — other jobs may work similar hours, but we work the undesirable hours. We work nights, weekends and holidays. My brother, the chef, has worked some horrific hours over the years. For a while, he was working 14 hour days days a week. He often had to show up at 4 AM to start the prep work for the day ahead.

Stop Whining--And Start Winning : Frank Pacetta :

Sometimes when I was disimpacting a nursing home patient before sunrise it gave me solace to know that somewhere across town my brother was stuffing a turkey. Surely these grim burnout numbers are unique to medicine. We work way harder than everyone else, right? Every occupation is up in arms about burnout — teachers , lawyers , IT , even military drone pilots.

Is it possible that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, regardless of occupation? Sure, other careers deal with burnout, but physician suicide is a real problem. All this burnout is killing us. A study published in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report looked at suicide rates by occupation. Healthcare professionals had a suicide rate of I would expect some creative solutions from engineers, but artists?? Color me surprised. If only we could go back to a simpler time when our profession was held in high regard.

A Harris poll surveyed 2, Americans and asked them to rank jobs by prestige. I want to be respected for my high ethical standards. There is a reason why people get paid to work. No one would show up otherwise.

A Fresh Start

Yes, we have hard jobs. Yes, we had a long road to travel before our first paycheck. Yes, the modern medical system appears to be designed to squeeze every last drop of satisfaction out of the job. This profession still beats Good choice! You do not have to accept the status quo. Need some inspiration to make a change? Get inspired by physician role models who made meaningful career changes to improve their job satisfaction. What do you think? Do you think physicians whine more than other professions about their job dissatisfaction? If so, why do you think that is the case? Do we worry about and talk about burnout too much?

Sound off below! Side Hustle Scrubs, you know I love what you do on your site, but I am going to have to sing a different tune on this one. In fact, the major reason my site exists is to teach other physicians and physicians-in-training how to use the tools of financial independence to prevent and treat their burnout and not make it worse with bad behavioral finance decisions.

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  4. The problem in medicine exists because the system refuses to change despite what physicisans are saying. Realizing how great our job is and ignoring all of this will result in more burnout, not less.

    How to Stop Your Child From Whining – Immediately

    There are three key factors that lead to job satisfaction — autonomy, feeling competent at your job, and getting support from your administration. We can both 1 choose to work hard and realize that our jobs are pretty good in the grand scheme of things at the same time that we 2 question why the system produces a ton of physician burnout that the individual physician often feels powerless to change.

    There is nothing wrong with seeing that some things need to be changed, pointing them out, trying to make it better for everyone, and taking our own course of action if none of that works.